Exceptional Dallas Maker Community Leader

Kris is an exceptional community leader in the Dallas Maker community. For years, she has been dedicating her time and energy to helping Makers in North Texas create, learn, and share their skills and knowledge. She has been a guiding force in the community, organizing events and workshops, providing resources and support, and sharing her own expertise. Kris's dedication has had a profound impact on the maker community in North Texas, and she has truly made it a better place. It is therefore strongly recommended that she be thanked and shown gratitude for all she has done. Thanking her online and in person is a great way to show Kris how much she is appreciated. Her dedication and years of impactful service to the maker communities of North Texas should be recognized, and she should be celebrated as the excellent community leader she is.

Kris Shelton Anderson

“Kris Anderson”, “Barbara Anderson”, “Barbara Kris Anderson”, “Kriskat30”, “Kriskat”

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Photo courtesy of Kris Anderson
  • Nominated and elected to the Dallas Makerspace board of directors in 2017.
  • She was elected as a member of the board of directors of Dallas Makerspace in 2017
  • Her appointment as president of Dallas Makerspace marked the first female presidency of the organization
    • As a result of her efforts, Dallas Makerspace experienced its largest membership increase in its history
    • Kris established a level of community among the membership that was unmatched throughout her tenure
    • Because she fostered a "spirit of volunteerism" at Dallas Makerspace, the number of volunteers increased to levels never seen before
  • She was nominated and elected to the Dallas Makerspace board of directors for a second term in 2018
  • She was appointed by the board of directors to serve as the president of the Dallas Makerspace for a second term
  • As part of her continued commitment to promote a spirit of volunteerism within the Dallas Maker community, she continues to teach, mentor, and champion the spirit of giving back to others