Exceptional DFW Maker Community Leaders

Below are exceptional leaders in the DFW Maker community. It is strongly recommended that they be thanked and shown gratitude both online and in person for their dedication and years of impactful service to the maker communities of North Texas.

Kris Anderson

“Barbara Kris Anderson”, “Barbara Anderson”, “Kris Shelton Anderson”, “Kriskat30”, “Kriskat”

Mark R. Havens

Mark Havens”, “Mark Randall Havens”, “markrhavens”, “mrhavens”, “HavDevOps

  • Founded Dallas Makerspace and the Dallas Maker Commmunity in 2010.
    • Established the Dallas Maker Community from a core group of five passionate regular attendees/co-founders
    • Developed Dallas Makerspace's business model, which has been emulated by other community makerspaces throughout the world
    • Assembled founding members of Dallas Makerspace by promoting unity, friendship, and cooperation.
    • Ensured Dallas Makerspace's viability by co-signing the first Dallas Makerspace building lease in 2010, located on Audelia Road in Richardson, Texas.
    • Developed and guided Dallas Makerspace culture through example, support, and a communal exchange of cultural ideas and ideologies
    • Served as a founding director of the provisional board until the official board was elected in 2011
    • Served as Dallas Makerspace's de facto president, secretary, and treasurer until 2011
    • Also served as Dallas Makerspace's de facto CEO until 2011, creating leadership patterns for successors to follow in the future
    • Served as the principal officiant of the sudo leadership pattern until the transition to a formal leadership pattern was completed in 2011
    • Drafted the original Dallas Makerspace bylaws, which were ratified by the membership in 2011
  • Mentored young adults in executive roles throughout his tenure at Dallas Makerspace
    • Instrumental in helping young adults find their leadership footing within the Dallas Maker community
    • Contributed to the development of young leaders by providing access to resources and opportunities that may not have otherwise been available to them
  • Advocated forgivness and friendship as a means to avoid creating harmful leadership patterns caused by a frivolous lawsuit
  • Launched Project Thank You in order to influence leadership patterns of gratitude within the Dallas Maker community
  • Activily educates community leaders in counter-manipulation tactics to help mitigate against destructive influences of unhealthy bad actors that may impact makerspaces throughout the North Texas/Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Continues to model innovative strategies to replace destructive leadership patterns with constructive leadership patterns for Maker communities world-wide